Deborah MacNamara, Phd

Counselling and education


Helping Parents and Professionals Make Sense of Children and Adolescents

The role of parent is not just a list of things we do for a child; it is ultimately about who we are to them and who we become because of loving them.

Many parents and professionals seek to understand young children and adolescents through gaining insight into their behaviour. They want to know how they can best support them in becoming successful, socially and emotionally mature individuals. When puzzled or frustrated by behaviour, they often turn to experts and books to find the answers. Despite an abundance of information they may continue to feel at a loss in truly understanding their children from the inside out.

Based on the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, understanding our children requires a desire to be their answer, intuition to guide us, and the capacity to trust in what we see to guide our actions. Based on common sense and the best of what developmental and attachment science has to offer, this approach gives hope to parents and professionals in making sense of the children and adolescents in their care.